Sunday, February 7, 2010

I have just returned from my journey to Merry Old England, where everyone is indeed merry and very polite.
I installed an exhibition there called "We They, We They" at the IKON in Birmingham, which is an amazing contemporary art space that really does work with the community of any age and background.
As soon as I get some good photos I will post them here soon, with some footage of the performance on opening night as well.
Instead of a traditional catalogue, with the support of the curators and galleries, I was able to publish my second children's book, (first one being "Blue Deer Red Fox") titled "Pidgy" about a little baby pigeon that is raised by three little girls into adult hood. I think you can buy it on the IKON website.

After my phone died with all my music I was left with a very small quiver of music to choose from, so if anyone has any music that you really love and would like to share, I would appreciate it.


  1. MV & EE's new album Barn Nova is out of sight.

  2. if you're not already familiar with sam amidon's stuff you should give it a listen.

  3. I enjoyed the IKON video very much; the paintings, the time-lapse installation, the songs. (THE SONGS!) Looks like a well supported, well appreciated show. Good going.

    As far as musical recommendations, my favorite old-timey guitar playing singer is an old friend of mine who doesn't record, or play out, and for the last couple of years, whenever anyone has asked me what music I really love and would like to share, I say, without hesitation or variation, "Peggy Honeywell." So, I'm not sure I can help you.

    Maybe Youth and Valor, youth and valor dot com.

    I'll look for your books. And for more music. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Peggy or Clare (not sure how to address you)
    I just saw "beautiful losers" for the half-dozenth time and realized that I was a big dope for not having checked you out after any of the previous views. I never buy whole albums anymore but I bought 3 of yours and love them from beginning to end. They are so meaningful and honest. Unfortunately, there are some words that I can't quite make out, and I can't find the lyrics anywhere (itunes, google, soundhound, shazam, etc) and I really really really want to know them. it's usually so easy to find lyrics, that i assume it might be intentional to not have them out there, but if I could get them, I would be ever so appreciative and would not spread them around.